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This poem was written by my guest Ron whilst he was staying here with his wife Jo just a couple of weeks ago. I asked his permission for it to be posted on my news page as I feel that he has totally captured the essence of Howe Foot and experienced the rest and relaxation that Howe Foot has to offer! The Lake District is a truly magical place too and our little spot is no exception! Thank you Ron and Jo for coming here to stay and for this fabulous poem that now everyone can enjoy reading! x

Both Haven and Heaven

Dipper at the beck Sheep at the window

Rounded wall corners inside can be found
which allow nature's light to simply abound
around beautiful old timbers from age old trees
These seem pleased to be used and do support well
this comfortable heavenly though man-made shell

Standing on grass-land amongst cattle and sheep
to find such excellence to stay and sleep
could cause many a long heart-search ache
especially so close to Coniston Lake

To a Rayburn cooker, a huge open log fire
add a comfortable lounge for when feeling tired
following a trek through the countryside
Some food and small tipple, what more to desire?

On such mornings as this to sit outside might most please
simply listening to bird-song and enjoying the peace
Perhaps watching the House Martins flitting the sky
in search for a feed, a midgie or fly
to bring to their young nestled close nearby.

There's the pleasant sound of water tumbling under the drive
quite close to the gate where we first arrived
A small stream, or beck, running rocks with glee
chuckles and gurgles on its race to the sea
This raises an interest in most of course
to the hope of sometime exploring its source.

Ahhh--there's a lamb--Hey! Hold up!
This is all very well, letting thoughts loose and free
I must get off my backside and following breakfast and tea
Get out on the road, more places to see
we will be back……

Posted July 2018

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