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Luxury Pamper Treatments at Howe Foot Holiday Cottages

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Pamper treatments

Howe Foot is in itself the idyllic setting for Rest and Relaxation, but now we can go one step further to help our lovely guests unwind... all within the comfort and beauty of our holiday cottages. Why not start your break with that all important de-stress body massage, luxury manicure, pampering of tootsies or a most relaxing Indian head massage to help any built up tension to just drift away?! …….friendly and caring Pam will come to you here at Howe Foot and set the scene for a beautiful relaxing and de-stressing experience which will leave you feeling just wonderful! You will be surrounded by aromatherapy candles and soft music as you lie on the treatment couch and have your cares and worries and aches swept away. Pam will use the most natural of products and her expertise to relieve the body of the pressures of everyday life and the next day you will find yourself running...not crawling up Coniston Old Man, to see those magnificent views that the Lake District has to offer!!

Pamper treatments

Why not treat your loved one to a surprise treatment? What is more, perhaps you would like to arrange for a bottle of champagne to be put in the fridge to have afterwards so that you can both have a well-deserved treat? Anything is possible with our help, so please feel free to phone me, Sue, here at Howe Foot or Pam, your therapist if you would like to discuss what treatment you would like to book and we will arrange everything for you! Pre-booking will guarantee an appointment as last minute requests may not be possible. Treatment costs range from £35 to £55 with a minimal call out fee of £25 which just covers the costs of bringing everything to you and setting the scene for your pamper treatments. If you would like that all important bottle of bubbly put in the fridge then that would be at the cost of the bottle and shall be bought within your budget.

Lovely Pam lives in an idyllic setting just a 5 minute walk from Howe Foot. Parking at her home is tricky, but if you wish for a completely separate venue for your treatments and can be driven by your partner to her, or just fancy the amble down to Pam's very beautiful treatment room, then the £25 call out fee can be waived and spent on an all important extra treatment, maybe? The choice is yours! 24 hours notice for cancellations will waive any charges, otherwise the costs incurred will amount to 50% of the treatments booked.

Please feel free to contact Sue at Howe Foot or your therapist Pam for more details and/or to book your treatment. Pam's contact numbers and email are below.

Spa treatmentsSpa Treatments
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Pam: 01229 885683
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I received a Swedish Massage and Mini Pedicure as a surprise birthday treat at Otley Beck Cottage. Pam arrived and we had a chat about my slight unease with the pedicure, Pam assured me she wouldn't do anything I wasn't comfortable with and she put me totally at ease.

She then set the scene with scented candles and very soft relaxing music. The massage was very relaxing and calming and I felt rejuvenated afterwards. This was my first massage and I felt completely at ease with Pam, she was very professional and what a great first massage it was!

She then did my mini pedicure, starting with a foot spa and then a foot massage with lovely smelling exfoliation cream again this was so very relaxing. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Pam and will be booking another Pam-per session next year.

Simon - Bedfordshire

I had a wonderful relaxing holiday at Howe Foot in May this year, along with my Dad and I had also booked a Spa Treatment for during my stay at Otley Beck Cottage. Pam, the therapist lives in Lowick, just a short distance away from Howe Foot and I had spoken to her direct to book an appointment for the Hoki Candle Ear Treatment. I had accidentally flooded my ear canal with water whilst taking a shower several weeks before and this along with the usual ear wax had caused a blockage and left me totally deaf in my right ear. Pam assured me that the treatment which she could perform would in no way cause any further harm and would certainly help if not cure the problem. Pam was so caring and professional and set the scene with aromatherapy candles and soft music before carrying out the treatment. I was so impressed and felt totally relaxed and comfortable with Pam and the results were dramatic!! Instantly I could hear again and the relief was just fantastic. I visited my Doctor 2 days later and after examination of the ear canal I was assured that all was well and the small operation that I had feared I might need was no longer necessary. Thank you so much, Pam and Five Stars for your treatment and care!

Joanne - West Cumbria

I was recently bought the gift of a luxury manicure by Pam Shatwell of Natural Enhance, what a definite luxury this was. Pam is lovely and immediately puts you at ease, setting up everything beautifully - from a beautiful burning scented candle to soothing music to relax. The whole experience was fabulous and if you can go for the "luxury" manicure - do, it is well worth it. From preparing your nails to a fabulous hand and arm massage it was the best manicure I have experienced. I never knew my skin could feel so soft. Fabulous nail varnish colours to choose from, from subtle to bright - I went bright!! Pam came to Howe Foot where I was having a brief stay - so along with beautiful surroundings and such luxury all I would say is - pamper yourself. It certainly will not be my last treatment. Thanks to Pam and to Sue of Howe Foot - a fabulous day.

Jayne - South Lakes